Mobile Units

Our Mobile Units are perfect for all occasions from parties, BBQs, festivals, fairs, weddings, fundraiser events, schools, indoor sports halls, we could go on but we're sure you get the point.

Lock n Load - Battlefield


We have Ireland's largest mobile laser tag maze that can come to you anywhere any time.

Bringing are laser guns which are state of the art technology. See real laser beams fire out from your gun, through the swirling fog and numerous tunnels. Track down and deactivate your opponents’ guns and be the successor for your team. We also bring an LED score board so there's no doubting the winner. Please call for more info, a large area will be required to fit this monster...

This can be used both indoors and outdoors (if outdoor grass only surface required)

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We are proud to offer Ireland's first Mobile Nerf Wars!!!

We use inflatable bunkers ALWAYS and we believe they are the safest and most fun way to ensure players have something to hide behind without the worry of injury if contact is made.

We provide the fast paced action of paintball styled games so players never get bored with our games.Bringing up to 20 pump action nerf guns shoot foam darts that can fired up 25 meters from your gun, avoid others as they try to shoot you and lead your team to victory

This can be used indoor and outdoors on any surface can be suited to any size of area!

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Whether it’s for a party, staff do, club or just for kicks get a few of the crew together for adrenalin filled fun with a paintball gun. Play team missions or solo games take your pick from our selection of games such as team death match, capture the flag, rob the bank and many more!

Our Low Impact Paintball is perfect for close quarter combat, the spring loaded system allows high velocity projectiles to splatter when hit. Although it’s not as high impact as regular paintball - you will know when you’ve been hit! Trust us you will know!

This also includes Rental of Inflatable Bunkers, Gun, Mask, Body Amour, Gloves and Neck protector.
We recommend wearing old clothes, hooded tops, beanie hats and trainers.

This can be used indoor (if indoor we will bring re-balls these are rubber so they leave no mess) and outdoors on any surface can be suited to any size of area!

*Please Note we can not bring this into housing estates only fields or private properties.

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